Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Hi everyone,

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What did you get to do for Super Bowl, I watched most of the commercials, the Budweiser Clydesdale's are my favorite every year. My dear hubby watched the game and I listened while I put the binding on my Son in Law's quilt.  Last weekend I finally got all the blocks together and now it is ready for the frame.

Do to an unfortunate accident..... (Me & the dog) I have not opened the Traveling stash box yet, but plan to very very soon, hopping tonight..... You can find the information here

Our 45lb bulldog took a flying (and I mean flying) leap at the patio chair..... guess I should have not have had myself turned and standing next to the chair!!!! She hit the chair, that hit me in the ribs.  Low and behold I am a lot sore and cant pick up much for a few days......  We will see how that goes.... Been to urgent care, x rays are OK but doc wanted me to go to ER..... Since I have a heart condition they tend to freak out...  I will think on that one for a few days.....

Anyway here are a few pictures of Brandon's quilt top finished (the son in law)  Hope to get quilting on it soon.

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  1. Very Pretty. It make me think it's waving.
    Hope you get to feelling better soon.

  2. Karen that Quilt top looks great -- get well soon

  3. This is lovely! I've been saving blue scraps to make one of these; whether it ever gets made, we'll wait and see ;). Thanks for stopping by my blog :D It's always nice to hear from people. Hope you're feeling better :D