Friday, January 25, 2013

Find a Friend Friday !!!!!

Good Morning,

As I was checking out my favorite blogs this morning I cam across a post from Sew Many Ways ...... Find a Friend Friday Linky Party

Since I am new to blogging I checked it out (Grin)

Very cool to me indeed! So I went browsing and looking at all the blogs that I have never found and found a few to follow in the process.

I invite you to check out Find a Friend Friday from Sew Many ways (see the link above)

Hope you find some new friends also.  Thanks Karen from Sew Many Ways for posting the Linky Party!

Enjoy and Happy Quilting

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I WON ! ! ! ! !

Hi Everyone

I WON!  !  !  !                  I WON!  !  !  !                 I WON!  !  !  !

What did i WIN?????                       A Traveling Stash Box!!!!!

I have never won a Traveling Stash Box, did now even know what it was (so sad)  But I do now! (sew happy)

I happened across a blog recently "Apple Avenue Quilts" and she was hosting a giveaway for the traveling Stash Box.  I posted a comment and I just received an e-mail that I won. Yeah!!!

OK now what do I do?????

Then I received an e-mail from Cherise at Sewingly Along She keeps track of the stash boxes... I have instructions now (sew happy)!!!!  Thank you Cherise I won't be so lost now....

I am now waiting for the box to arrive. Soon...... Waiting.......Sew Excited......!!!!!!

I will post more when the box arrives.........

Have a Happy Quilting Day
Thanks for stopping by:   Karen

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finally Finished and still working on

I finished the binding on Colton's quilt this morning.  My toes are cold since my sewing room is on the north and east walls of the house and does not warm up during the winter.

Love you Colton, next I am going to finish my other two quilts for my grandchildren Kevin and Lexus, sorry it has taken grandma so long, but just have to quilt them.

Found my next sewing machine at the quilt show yesterday...... To buy or not to buy????  We will see......

Now to box it up and ship it back to him before winter is over with!!

Kevin's quilt with border.

This is Lexus with part of the boarder, opps guess I don't have pictures of this with the final boarder, will have to fix that.

This is Kevin's Quilt top......

Both are the same blocks just different colors

I did find one yeah!!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Sunday!!!


Tucson Quilt Show

This weekend is the Tucson Quilters Guild 35th Annual Quilt Show.

I spent a lot of time yesterday enjoying the quilts and connecting with members that I have missed in the last 2 years.  Last year I was having my 2nd catheter proceedure  and missed the show.

But this year, as always was amazing!!!!

their is still time today if you can go, Tucson Convention Center 10am to 4pm Enjoy!!