Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fathers Day

I guess it is appropriate that I started this special quilt on Mothers day and finished the top on Fathers Day.  In the process i have put boarders on my granddaughters quilt and finished the top on my grandson's quilt.  I have been busy, with a baby quilt top done for a friend and another for a friend of my son's.  since I have been out of my sewing room for so long, it is about time I started finishing what has been a long list of project unfinished.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

This would be the first Mothers Day ever that all my children were not at home. I was lucky and had them all together for Easter, Yeah.
Very Quiet, Shelby (my lab) let me sleep till 7am (very unusual for her), met my sister at the park for a 3 mile walk.  Home again after stopping at the store and my dear HB was asleep again.  (seems to be doing alot of that this past week)

OK to my sewing room, I started a project during the week all light and dark blues cut on the bias. Special gift for a special person. I put in sappy movies and drank a pot of coffee and sewed and starched all day. In between all the waves of tears, just because! I don't ever think in my quilting years that I have starched and ironed so much. lol. I got 4 panels done and it took most of my weekend. 

Started dinner for us bout 4pm and Travis showed up about 6 (just in time for dinner) and MJ about 8pm.  Had a nice visit then off to bed, had to work in the AM.

This is what I have so far:

Still have lots of work to do!!!