Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Healty

I started Cardiac Rehab this week.  3 days and I am going to work very hard at it for 12 weeks.  Since I now have 2 stents since December I have to be really careful.  Since the rehab is all monitored by nurses I feel better about it.  I was very active and walking up until November 2011 when I started having chest pressure. Since my first stent in December 2011 I have not had any caffeine, more fruits and veggies, more fish, less red meat, nothing fried or prepackaged.

Just got this put together this morning and 10 min of use, and it is hard. Took longer to put it together. Since this is a manual elliptical for home use I have to use my own body weight to make it go.  Harder than it looks.  But then again I almost fell off the treadmill in rehab (since I never used one)

Wish me luck on changing my eating habits and exercise.

Have a GREAT Day, now into my sewing room for some fun!
Thanks for stopping by Karen

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Grandbaby!!!!

We are expecting a new grand baby in November and a new grand nephew in July!! We are so excited.  With all of my recent medical issues, it is even more important to get me healthy again.  That is what I will be working on.  My taxes are done and we break even this year, since the last dependent has left the coop last year, no deduction this year, so sad.  But when I heard the news, I started this one.......

This is for our new grand child, I have not decided about our grand nephew just yet but working on it.
Thanks for stopping, have a GREAT day! Karen

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I am in my sewing room, a few more blocks on my son in laws quilt. (Storm at Sea) Since I spent the last 2 days in the hospital for my second stent placement in 3 months, I needed something to do.  I have lots of projects to work on and have enjoyed all the inspiration that I get from everyone's wonderful blogs (thank you all)

Started this one just after the kids got married (will be 2yrs in June) boy does time fly by....
I have 10 sections done so far and will sew them together, I can't sit to long so I am going to get back to it! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.