Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Brother

My sister has inspired me to update my neglected Blog.  This past week she has been taking care of our younger bother, day and night, at the hospital.  It was fortunate that he had great co-workers that new something was wrong when he did not show up for work.

He had a close call with uncontrolled diabetics and is on the mend. (it will take time) My sister has been with him the whole time, day and night at the hospital and looking out for his needs and care.  Faithfully updates all the friends and family several times a day.  Kudos's to you my little sister!!!

As she takes care of him I try to take care of me.  Having three family members in different hospitals at the same time is tiring for everyone.  As my brother gets better every day, I am glad and so glad that he has one of his older sisters to take care of him.


Lacy Lola Rose is our 8month old English bulldog.  She has had it rough and easy.  She is a sweetheart and we received her when she was 9 weeks old.  She has a mind of her own but don't they all. lol

She had a foot that was not developing correctly, after x-rays we found out that she had a genetic bone disorder and her right foot and leg were not developing.  This did not slow her down.  We had her spayed and this did not slow her down either.

Today she is off to the vet as soon as they open and hope she will feel better soon.  She can't keep anything down and has the run's.  We all know how we feel when we have that.

Lacy is about 40 pounds now and all female!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mikes quilt

I started another quilt by request of my sister in law.  This one is for mikie, was suppose to be done in November 2011, but low and behold, just after starting, I got sick. Yuck.  After 2 months and thousands of dollars later, I am on the mend. 

I have not blogged in a very very long time, but seeing the awesome job my sister has done on her blog I am inspired again..... We will try.  Anyway back to the new quilt with pillow shams even.

It too large to get a good picture on the wall but you get the idea.  Now have to get it on the frame and get quilted.  Still working on the pillow shams but have to get more thread.