Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Brother

My sister has inspired me to update my neglected Blog.  This past week she has been taking care of our younger bother, day and night, at the hospital.  It was fortunate that he had great co-workers that new something was wrong when he did not show up for work.

He had a close call with uncontrolled diabetics and is on the mend. (it will take time) My sister has been with him the whole time, day and night at the hospital and looking out for his needs and care.  Faithfully updates all the friends and family several times a day.  Kudos's to you my little sister!!!

As she takes care of him I try to take care of me.  Having three family members in different hospitals at the same time is tiring for everyone.  As my brother gets better every day, I am glad and so glad that he has one of his older sisters to take care of him.

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