Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dog Bite

I had the most wonderful lunch with our youngest daughter today at my favorite sushi place "Kampai" we had a great time.  Then stopped by her house for a short visit.  Her boyfriend has two little dogs, a Yorkie female and she is so sweet, the other is a male mix of something about 7 pounds.  They were friendly enough until I got ready to leave..... The little male decided to bite me, through my pants on the back of my calf..... More of a bite and run..... he bit me than ran away...  I have been bit by a German Shepperd, a lab, a mut... all of these were big dogs, I love big dogs.... never been bit by a yapper.... Till now!  OHCH!!!!! Since I am on blood thinners, it only makes it worse.... but the pup is ok, no I did not retaliate! Thought about it, my daughter says it was because I told them that they were not dogs... they were rats... LOL guess since I am a BIG dog person not a little dog person

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