Thursday, January 24, 2013

I WON ! ! ! ! !

Hi Everyone

I WON!  !  !  !                  I WON!  !  !  !                 I WON!  !  !  !

What did i WIN?????                       A Traveling Stash Box!!!!!

I have never won a Traveling Stash Box, did now even know what it was (so sad)  But I do now! (sew happy)

I happened across a blog recently "Apple Avenue Quilts" and she was hosting a giveaway for the traveling Stash Box.  I posted a comment and I just received an e-mail that I won. Yeah!!!

OK now what do I do?????

Then I received an e-mail from Cherise at Sewingly Along She keeps track of the stash boxes... I have instructions now (sew happy)!!!!  Thank you Cherise I won't be so lost now....

I am now waiting for the box to arrive. Soon...... Waiting.......Sew Excited......!!!!!!

I will post more when the box arrives.........

Have a Happy Quilting Day
Thanks for stopping by:   Karen

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your win. I also won a Traveling Stash box, shortly after I started my blog. It was SOOOOO much fun. And, I really had a hard time choosing what fabrics/patterns I wanted. I hope you enjoy.
    Im also fairly new to blogland. Won't you be my neighbor! :)