Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Colton our new grandbaby

Since my last post (way to long) I have not been in my sewing room since April (so sad)  I have been working on taking care of me..... Not the family but me... since I was diagnosed with heart disease last December and had one stent, another one in March 2012 been a long year.  I have totally changed my eating habits (yes I do cheat, don't we all.....? lol) And I work out at the gym. And again I am finally in my sewing room again... Went to see my new grand baby Colt (colton) the beginning of December 2012 and totally loved spending time with my exceptional daughter and grandchildren Kevin and Lexus (they are 12) and Colton (new)... Did not want to come home... but here I am a week before Christmas and working on his quilt.
 This is Colton's quilt I have it 1/2 sewn together as of tonight.....Yeah

 Lenea (my oldest and colton sleeping.... so cute.... LOVE this picture
 Out day at Myrtle Beach... Loved it, a little cold My Daughter and grandchildren... yes  all three of them are mine and I love them, miss them and would do anything for them. they are great and love their baby brother.... Kevin is so hansom!!!!
 Oh yes this is me.... 54 and lost 35 pounds....
 My oldest daughter Lenea and my youngest daughter MJ.... aren't they beautiful?????
 Me and MJ
 Lenea out on the town with hubby Brandon,,,,, Beautiful!!!!!
 Colton is a chunk and I think this picture looks like my baby brother Pat?????
Big sister Lexus taking care of Colton, does not look quite and big in this picture....LOL But they are both beautiful to me!!!!

I am about ready to move to the east coast so I don't miss anything, they have been gone to long and grandma misses them every day.... they are so much a part of my heart...

Thanks for checking in
Merry Christmas

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  1. We love you grandma and are so proud of all your hard work taking care of yourself! You look great! We will be back soon! :)